Introduction: Rocket Lamp - DIY

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The picture with the rocket lamp lit up with the Christmas tree in the background is the completed lamp. The picture next to it was my inspiration. This was a cheap build for me ONLY because I got the most expensive part (utility lamp-base) on clearance for $5, when it is normally $50. It wasn't hard to make but it involved a number of different skills, such as electrical work, sculpting, using fiberglass resin, and using epoxy.


  • Lithonia Lighting 4.25-in W Gray
  • Portfolio 5-ft 16-AWG 2-Conductor Clear Lamp Cord
  • Mueller Proline 1-in dia Galvanized Floor Flange Fittings, 2x 3inch Nipples, and a 45deg elbow
  • Bondo 32-fl oz Brown Fiberglass Resin Repair (super toxic)
  • Sculpey Clay
  • Square wooden base
  • Devcon 5min epoxy
  • Silver metal spray paint
  • Light bulbs - 1 normal, and one candlestick bulb(faux flame)
  • Dremel with metal cutter
  • Standard tools (drill) and hardware ( screws)

Step 1: Start With the Foundation

The first step was to drill holes for the wires, and mount the flange.

Step 2: Just the Tip

Next I wanted it to look more like a rocket. I used my Dremel with a metal cutter to remove the rounded top. I then sculpted a new pointed top and baked it. I need to coat the clay parts in epoxy for added strength. I also sculpted out the fins in black clay (baked them too) which you will see on the next step.

Step 3: Wire It Up and Test Assemble

Before fully and permanently assembling its good practice to test assemble. I did complete the wiring, wiring the base lamp and candlestick base to the lamp cord. The lamp cord is running through the wooden base and through the metal pipes.

The Fins were sculpted in clay and then fiber-glass resined to add strength, then epoxied to the base lamp.

Once I was confident about the build and wiring, I set up for painting.

Step 4: Painting

I used basic silver spray paint.

Step 5: Finished and Go for Launch!

I fully assemble all of the finished parts and turned it on!!

Thank you!