Introduction: The Elder Wand - DIY

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This was a 3 night build. I work full time, so then I get home I work on my art projects. The Elder Wand is from Harry Potter - Dumbledore's wand. I made it with wood and clay.


  • 1 Wooden dowel 14inches long.
  • Sculpy Clay
  • Devcon 5min Epoxy
  • White, Brown, and Black acrylic paint
  • Round tip sculpting tool
  • Sharp fine tip sculpting tool
  • Fine tip sharpy marker

Step 1: Wands Are Made of Wood

I started with a 14inch thin wooden dowel. Next I hand carved it, in order to texture and shape the base wand.

Step 2: Added Clay

After the base was completed, I added Sculpey clay. I created the bulge parts and dented them with a rounded sculpting tool. The top third has wizard symbols I etched into the clay with a fine tip tool.

The top end was tricky and needed epoxy to secure it on.

Step 3: Finish and Display

Last I painted the wand. This wasn't easy. the section that had the symbols took time to complete. I painted it white, using a fine tip sharpy to blacken the symbols. Then I painted the rest of the wand brown. Lastly, I aged it with a black paint wash. I wanted to display the wand so I created a golden wand holder.

Thank you!