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Welcome to my first project. I will show how I sculptured the Thern Medallion from the Disney movie John Carter. I want to start with, I love this movie. I first searched the internet for the medallion replica, but nothing. So I was forced to make it. It was the hardest and technical thing I have ever made. I have been sculpting for 20years.


  • Sculpey Clay
  • Razor blades
  • EasyCast resin
  • Iridescent plastic
  • Black spray paint
  • Devcon 5min epoxy
  • Spaz Stix mirror chrome (the best) spray paint

Step 1: Planning and Start Cutting

This was one of the worse parts. I first planned out the scale and size, from pictures online and watching the film. I then made 3 different size triangle-shaped stamps from clay (baked of course). I rolled out and flattened a 4inch x 4inch of clay as my base. I used the triangle stamps and marked up the flattened base. Then baked it (275degs - 10mins).

Then I had to take a razor blade and cut out each tiny triangle. It took FOREVER...

Step 2: Adding and Baking...over and Over

After the base was completed, it was time for the organic and fancy shapes. I use Sculpey clay but I can bake and bake and bake as I add more parts and it stays unchanged. I would sculpt out a part or section then bake it.

Remember this medallion has 2 sides. So I had to repeat these parts for the front and back.

Step 3: The Jewel

In the center of the medallion is an iridescent jewel. I took an extra piece of clay and pressed into it with a rounded plastic cap from my wife's makeup bottles. I did not bake the clay. I then cut up little flakes of the iridescent plastic wrap. I mixed the EasyCast resin and poured it into the clay mold and added the flakes.

After the medallion was painted I Devcon epoxied the resin jewel in place.

Step 4: Painting

The last steps were painting and sealing. First I painted the medallion black. using basic black spray paint. This helps when you are trying to get a chrome look. Next, I used Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome spray paint.

To seal it and protect this piece, I covered in clear delta glaze.

Last I epoxied the resin jewel, added a metal chain.

Step 5: Finished

2 months of work and it was finally finished and displayed.

Thank you.

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