Introduction: Rocketeer JETPACK!

This project was so fun to make and very rewarding to wear to costume parties. It takes some patience, I worked on it an hour or two at a time for the two weeks coming up to Halloween.

In order to complete this task you will need several craft tools:
Razor blade/exacto knife
Masking tape
Duct tape
Superglue (a lot of it)
Black, silver, and gold spray paint.

You will also need some materials:
2 2liter bottles
A cardboard cereal box
A large Eggos box
Straps from a backpack or purse
Small plastic pieces for decoration (you can find cool plastic shapes for cheap at home depot)
A small compass

Step 1: Building Basic Shapes

So for Halloween i wanted to be the Rocketeer but it is nearly impossible to find a decent looking jetpack. That is why I decided to build one myself.

Step 1: Getting the basic shapes.
I bought the largest two liter bottles I could find. Emptied them, washed them out, and cut them in half horizontally.

I cut up a cereal box and used tape and superglue to attach the two large panels and extend the length of the 2 liter bottles.

I traced a large bowl on two pieces of cardboard and cut out the circles. I then cut the radius to the center and folded them to make cones. Cut off just the tops of the two liters and you can super glue the cones in their place. You now have two rockets.

I used a small sunglasses box to space the two rockets. Wait to superglue these pieces until you paint the base of the rockets black (See step3).

When you glue the rockets to the box, glue them to the back length of the box. This will be important for when you want to add the shoulder straps. The box is what you will attach the straps to so you do not want to have it completely covered (See step 4).

I superglued an empty scope bottle on top of the box. You will need to cut off some of the back corners of the scope bottle so that it sits flat enough between the rockets to glue to the box.

Step 2: Adding Secondary Shapes

This was the more difficult part of the construction. I took a paper-towel tube and cut it to fit between the two rockets and to fit their curve as best I could. I also cut a slot to fit around the mouth of the scope bottle.

For the top vent I took a toilet paper role, cut it in half lengthwise and cut out several long rectangular shapes to make it look like a vent.

I had already extended the rockets with a cereal box. But now I needed to wrap it with a larger cardboard piece to create the half circle shape at the base of the rocket. For this I used an Eggo box. It does not reach all the way around but the back side is not visible on the finished product so I just made it as close as I could.

I decided to paint the base of the rocket black before I put on these cardboard pieces so that I would not need to mask it off later.

I coat everything at least 3-4 times with spraypaint. The extra coats will help the paint from being scrapped off during halloween shenanigans.

The next thing I did was looked for random plastic pieces in my garage that I could superglue to the rocketpack to add some detail and character. I used electric socket covers, blind hinges, and drywall screw anchors.

Now you are ready to prime it! Make sure everything is superglued well. Then mask off the base of the rockets so that you do not get overspray on the part you already painted black.

Step 3: Final Paint Coat

While you still have the base masked off, wait for the primer to dry, then paint the jetpack with silver/metalic spraypaint. Again do several coats of this. Not only will it make it look better but it will also act as an adhesive between all the pieces.

After you have done several coats of the silver/metalic, make sure it is dry, then mask off the top cones of the two rockets. Make sure to mask it off well. I used a bunch of small pieces of masking tape to be able to match the curved surface.

Now paint the cones with a gold/metalic paint, 3-4 coats.

Wait for it to dry and your Jetpack is complete! Now you have to add the back straps.

Step 4: Adding the Backstraps

One last thing I did to add some character to the Jetpack, was I took a compass and glued it to the center of the scope bottle.

There are several options you can turn to to add straps to your pack. I was initially going to use straps from a backpack, or from a leather purse.

I was lucky enough to find shoulder straps from an old lacrosse bag I had that worked great. Either way the way you attach them will be the same.

When you attached the box between the rockets, you should have offset it a little so you have a little space on the sides of the box to work with.

Attaching the straps was tricky... However, I found the best way to secure straps to the box is actually to use duct tape. But the trick is to put superglue down before you put the sticky part of the duct tape on the box and there will be now way it will come off. Make sure to take it up and down on the box, as well as side to side.

Another cool trick about having the box on the back is that it can work as a small backpack. I initially thought I wanted to add some weight and was going to put a weight in there but it ended up being just fine.
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