Introduction: Rocking Gold Collection

I was visiting some relative up in our hill country ...when I saw some rocks...yes rocks :-)
immediately I thought to try out these cool chunky rock jewelry...
It's so easy I finished all in one afternoon.

I love this chunky collection :-)!

Step 1: Go Exploring!

go exploring and find your rocks...I found my relatives were constructing their house and that's when the rocks and thought of doing this project.
earring hardware
thick gauge wire
thin gauge wire
gold spray paint
needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Making Your Frame

I wanted a strong wire chain to hold the I took thick wire, double the length That I wanted...and folded it in two to make a loop.
Then join the ropes so that it forms a flat join the wire so that it doesn't move I wrapped thin gauge wire at intervals. It gave the chain a nice look
To make the hook when you come to the end again fold one wire so that the ends are rounded...cut the other wire where it meets the tip of the folded wire.
Now wrap up that area with thin wire so that it would be concealed and it won't prick.  fold the end into a hook to fit the loop at the other end.
There your necklace frame is ready.
Make similar  frames for your ring...without the hook being formed...that way you would have an adjustable ring.
If you don't want to make a can always buy a ready made one! :-)

I had an old bangle I used that for my bangle frame.

Step 3: Rock Necklace

To make your Rock Necklace ...take the frame you made. Apply epoxy to the chain and stone and glue.
Once dry wrap with thin wire.
Now spray with gold or what ever your heart desires :-)

Step 4: Cunky Rocking Bangle

This looks so cool and chunky... I love it!
Simply hot glue the rocks to the bangle...wrap with wire ...and spray gold!

let's move on!!

Step 5: Drop Rock Earrings

Aren't they like really cute??
First wrap once with thick cord and form a loop..then cut off excess and wrap around with the thin wire.(please refer to pictures)
Take a cord and form a loop and tie a knot...attach the ends of the cord at different lengths to the loop in the rocks
Attach the earring hardware and spray gold

Step 6: Rock Pendant

I liked the earrings so much I wanted to make a pendant too.
I just tied the cord to the wire  and wrapped the wire around the rock. I made can go for more
I later attached the cords to a loop formed with the thick wire.
now cover the bulk of cords and neaten by wrapping the thin cord around it....please refer to pictures.
Spray it gold!

Step 7: Rock Ring

Use hot glue or epoxy and glue your ring to the rock ( I used hot glue as I found it quicker.
Wrap with wire and spray gold!

ta da! your rocking gold collection is done!

Step 8: Dress It Up!

Now I don't mean for you to dress up all in gold at would look like a walking gold mine! haha
dress up an understated plain top with the chunky rock necklace...
Or your casual wear with the drop's your choice...

But what this chunky rocking gold jewelry collection would do is make you one fashionably turned up babe ;-)

Thank you!

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