Introduction: Roll Up Blinds From Bamboo Mat

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In this instructable I show how to make easy bamboo roll up blinds.

For our outdoor kitchen in Hong kong I wanted to make blinds. To protect us a bit from the sun and rain.

It’s an easy DIY project. Also pretty cheap. One blind cost me less than 10 usd to make.

I decided to go for bamboo because I like the material and those mats are easy to roll. But of course you can also chose a different material if you like to.

It’s very satisfying when you can open and close your own hand made blinds ;-)

Step 1: Check Out My Quick Video Tutorial!

I hope this video will help you create blinds.
Along with the video you can follow the (easy) steps below :-)

Youtube Video

Step 2: Source Your Materials

For those blinds I will use:

  • A bamboo mat, large enough to fit your window
  • cable ties
  • a rope (string) (2 pieces)
  • screw eyes
  • wooden beam
  • wooden (or plastic) pole


  • scissors
  • screwdriver

Step 3: Cut Your Mat and Place the Beam

  • Cut the bamboo mat.
    Make it a bit taller than your window frame. This to cover the wooden beam and pole as well.

  • Place the beam on top of the bamboo mat, cover it and tie it together with the cable ties.

Step 4: Place the Pole.

  • Turn around the bamboo mat and place the pole.
  • Also tie this one together with the cable ties.
    Make sure to cut the cable ties, so they won't be in the way when rolling the blinds.

Step 5: Add the Screw Eyes

  • Now place the screw eyes on top of the beam.
  • Apply the rope. Attach the rope to the left top eye, go all the way to the back, to the bottom, and bring it to the front and back up to the left eye on top and then bring it to the most right eye.
  • For the second rope on the right side it's the same way as the left side.

Step 6: Hang Up the Blind.

Now attach the blinds in front of your window, or wherever you like.
Pull the rope to roll up your blind. And done!

Thank you for having a look at my instructable ;-)

Please also check out my youtube channel