Introduction: Rollers to Move Things

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Have you ever wondered how pyramids where constructed? Have you ever had a box to heavy to move? Rollers are just cylinders that are put in a line and you can glide anything on them. It is like making a conveyor in your own home.

Step 1: History:

Back when pyramids where being built people would put the blocks of sandstone that weigh about a ton onto logs of some sort. These people could easily push those massive blocks with almost no effort. This helped them get the job done faster than lifting the blocks up and carrying the block of sandstone.

Step 2: Do It:

All you need to do is get crayons, pencils, paper towel rolls, or anything else that is a cylinder. Put a few cylinders down and move the item onto it. After the item passes over one of the cylinders you should move it to the front of the item so the item can pass over it again.

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