Introduction: Rose Quartz Steven Universe Halloween Costume

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I recently started watching the cartoon Steven Universe, and even though it's meant for children, I have really enjoyed it for its storytelling and character development, as well as awesome representation of minority groups and alternative family structures. Plus, all the characters look super cool and very distinctive, which makes for great costuming opportunities!

I decided to be Rose Quartz because she's awesome. She is a great fighter and also has amazing huge pink hair and a frilly dress, which is fun! She has a sword and shield, which I opted no to make because I didn't want to carry stuff around all night, but could be added for some final details.

I didn't have a lot of time to do any big sewing projects this year, so there is absolutely no sewing involved in this costume! Almost everything I wore I got from Amazon with 2 day shipping with my Amazon Prime membership, so this is a great costume to put together if you're short on time!

Step 1: Materials

To make the star and gem, here's what I used:

  • adhesive-backed felt (I got this at my local craft store)
  • Large pink rhinestone
  • tape
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • star template printed out on a sheet of paper (you can use this one, or make your own!)

Here's what I used for the rest of the costume:

  • This wig -In the pictures, the top of the wig looks white because of the flash, but it's all pink. I like this wig in particular because it has two clip in pony tail extensions which you can arrange any way you want. Instead of having them on the sides of the wig like in the product picture on Amazon, I clipped them on the top of my head, touching in the middle, to add height and volume to the wig. It's also nice because it's like getting several wigs in one! I can wear the wig again without the clip-ins for another costume!
  • This shrug -Rose Quartz wears a strapless dress but you never know what the weather is going to be like so I got this just in case.
  • This white sleeveless dress -To achieve the layered look of the dress, I got this white dress for the top layer. It is stretchy and comfortable and the adhesive backing on the felt stuck to it really well.
  • This pink, chiffon skirt -The frilly hem of this skirt was perfect to emulate the scalloped hem of the cartoon dress!
  • This petticoat -You can skip this, but it really adds volume to the skirt, which I like. The fluffier, the better!

Step 2: Cut the Star

To make the star, I printed out the star template, cut off most of the excess paper around it, and taped it to the paper backing on the adhesive felt, then cut through the felt and paper around the outline. The tape keeps the template from moving around and getting an uneven shape.

Step 3: Glue on the Gem

The huge rhinestone I got had some sticky backing on it, but it wasn't strong enough to hold on to the felt. I used hot glue to affix the gem to the center of the felt star.

Step 4: Attach Gem to Dress

After the hot glue on the star had cooled, I laid out the white dress so there were no wrinkles on the front of the dress where I wanted to stick the star. In the picture it looks like there is a huge wrinkle in the middle, but it's actually just a bump from where the seam on the back of the dress is sticking up, haha.

Peel off the backing from the felt, and carefully stick it where you want it to go. Once you stick it down, it's not good to keep taking it off and repositioning it because it will become less sticky. What's great about this kind of felt is that you can remove it once you're done with the costume, and have the dress for something else!

Step 5: Put It On!

And that's all you need!

I have super long hair, so I used Penolopy's method of fitting all my hair under the wig and it was still a tight fit, but I managed. Fortunately, Rose Quartz has really big hair, so the added height of all my real hair under the wig wasn't a bad thing. Next year I'm definitely doing something that doesn't require a wig though!

Step 6: Bonus! Greg Universe

In the show, Rose Quartz has a partner, Greg Universe. He's a sweetie and a rockstar and overall awesome dude with a ton of hair. My boyfriend is also a huge fan of the show, so he dressed as Greg, and his costume was even easier!

I cut out another star from the adhesive-backed felt, stuck it to the front of a black t-shirt, and cut the sleeves off. He rolled up the legs of a pair of jeans, and cut a hole on one of the knees, and wore flip-flop sandals.

The most complicated part was the hair. He got two wigs, and attached them together using the built in wig clips to make it extra long and full! Of course, you could just get one long brown wig and it would work great, but he really wanted to go over the top!

Step 7: Have Fun!

Have fun in your costumes! We got tons of compliments and even people who hadn't seen the show still loved our costumes!

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