Introduction: Rubber Band Bracelets

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Hi, today I hope you will find these easy to do steps understandable. There're a lot of different ways and styles to do
rubber band bracelets , but I will start you off with an easy knot. As you start it may be a bit tricky but once you get the hang off it becomes easy. If you still don't understand after a few try's just read the steps slowly again and after that you should be on the go.

Step 1: The Materials

For the materials you will need a.....

•Bunch of multicoloured small rubber bands
•some "s" hooks
•And a hooking stick (recommended)

Step 2: Your Selections

Choose 2-3-4 or more colours to construct your bracelets, I've chosen three colours but you can choose more. sports colours are great, especially when you have friends to show off to. Rainbow is also a selection or you can just choose any random colours. I've chosen orange, green and yellow.

Step 3: Starting to Construct

Get an "s" clip and put a small rubber band into one of the slots. Then hold wide open with the hooking stick or your fingers which is what I like to do.

Step 4: Making Progress

After that step hold it wide open and grab another colour then with the colour you just grabbed fold it over the first rubber band. This step is a little hard to understand but hopefully the picture will help.

Step 5: Continuous

Keep on continuing the the last step but putting it through the ones you just did after that you will be about half way done that would look like this.

Step 6: Last Step

Keep on going until it is long enough to stretch around your wrist then stop and get the last piece and attach it'll the hook you started off with and you've got your own bracelet.

Step 7: Conclusion

I hope you found this piece of information useful and would trust me on another instructable. I really need some followers so I would love you forever if you followed me ,thanks!!!