Introduction: Rubiks Cube Coffee Tables

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I had a Man Cave that I had decorated in 80s memorabilia because it was the decade of Awesome music, Awesome movies, and Awesome culture!! One of the most coveted items know around the world was the Rubiks Cube! A puzzle box with multiple cubes with a color on each face that the users would twist and turn to try and line each colored block to its respective grouping. I never solved it because im just not a puzzle guy.

I was trying to think of my next item for the movie room when I realized that I could use a coffee table. I decided to build them and as their square shape emerged, I eventually saw my famous nemesis in them that would be an awesome tribute to the 80s.


2x2 boards, 1/8"plastic sheeting in various colors, black caulk

Step 1: The Build

I started with 2x2's to frame out the boxes. I stuck to (roughly 18.5x18.5x18.5 boxes for each table. I wanted to keep the math simple.You will definatle need a framing square and some patience because this was the hardest part of the whole thing. Keeping it square. Once the inner frame was built, I glued18.5"x18.5" black plastic sheeting to each side. There were large gaps on all edges but that was ok because thats what the black caulk was there for. Keep in mind these dont twist and turn like the original Rubiks Cube did. If I was smart enough to accomplish this I would definitely turn a few of those 30 second cubers loose on them for a real challenge!!!

After the glue set up overnight I started adding the colors to the faces. I started from the floor up and used 1/4" gap between the 6" colored squares that would complete the faces of the cube tables. Once glue was set I caulked all edges and and clear coated the cubes to give them a little more luster. After that they were a permanent conversation piece in my man cave. I have to admit that the color orange wasnt on the original Rubiks Cybe but its my favorite color so I had to put that color on it and that color always faced out!! LOL

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