Introduction: Rubik's Cube Pixel Art Wall Box

This is how to make a simple wall hanging box to house 36 rubik's cubes. I can't really go into detail on the configuring of the rubiks cubes, because that would just be too time consuming. This is a very simple project that can be completed in under an hour and for about $40.

Step 1: What You Need:

  • 6ft 1x3" board
  • screws or wood glue
  • 36 rubik's cubes ( i used generic ones from the Dollar Tree)

Rubik's cubes can be expensive. The cheapest i could find them was $1 each at the dollar tree.

Step 2: Build a Square Frame.

Build a square wooden frame. The cubes i used are 2.5". I made a 6x6 cube grid, so i needed my frame to be 15" wide/tall on the inside. if you use different cubes, you may need to adjust the measurements. I added 1/8 of an inch both directions so there was enough wiggle room to get the cubes in without being too tight.

Basically cut the board into the proper sizes and screw/glue them together to make a square frame. You can do this as simply, or as nicely as you wish...i went for simple. I used a total of 8 screws to hold mine together.

I would also recommend either painting or staining it now. I didn't do mine yet because i was in a hurry to see how it would turn out.

Step 3: Add Some Kind of Mounting Hardware

you will need a way to hang it on the wall, i chose a simple picture hanger bracket. Mount your hardware to the frame and hang the frame on your wall.

Step 4: Find a Template

Use google image search to find pixel art for your desired subject. i wanted Mario. Find a pixel art image that will fit in your 18x18 grid. The one i used happened to be from someone else doing this same project.

Step 5: Convert Cubes and Insert Them Into Frame.

Start converting your rubik's cubes to match the pattern in your template. While solving the entire cube can be challenging, doing one side of the cube is pretty simple. There are tons of tutorials on this process if you need assistance.

As you get your cubes converted, place them in the frame to build your picture.

Step 6: Enjoy!

step back and enjoy your new artwork. When you get bored with it, simply remove the cubes, find a new template and change it up.