Introduction: Runescape: 30k in 30 Minutes

Here is a simple way to make an extra 30k (30,000 coins) in 30min. or less!
Should take 30 minutes for players who can't teleport to Varrock adn Falador since all can teleport to Lumbridge.
All you need is 14k or 14,000 coins to get your 30k. You make a profit of 17k (17,000 coins) in 30 minutes or less.
Now what will you be buying for 14k?
The answer is easy. just go in to the most empty world you can find and teleport yourself to Lumbridge if you are in anyplace other then or near Falador. If your in Falador then stay there.

Step 1: Lumbridge

From the castle go to the fish store located north of the training area and east of castle.
Buy all of the feathers, but buy them 500 at a time. So only two times should do.
You can bank them if you want, but it isn't necessary.

Step 2: Falador

Once in falador head south. Running can save time.
Once you've reached the guy who charges your run faster (image below) head to Port Sarim.
Once in Port Sarim go the the fishing store located north of the food store. Buy again 1000 feathers, 500 at a time. So two times should do.

Step 3: Done!

Now just take your 2000 feathers and sell them in the Grand Exchange. Depending if you sell it for low, medaim or high price is your choice, but the mediam price gives you 30k (30,000 coins).

So now with that every day you go on just go to those two locations and make a profit of 17k without doing practically nothing!

Tip: changing worlds will NOT have 1000 feathers in the store. Same amount in anyworld you are in. (Members can get more feathers depending were they go). Changing players might.

Enjoy and go waste your 30k!!