Introduction: Rustic Wedding DIY Hanging Heart

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One of my favorite things in the world are weddings. There's just something adorable in them and I love creating things to innovate in weddings. I feel great when someone let's me get involved in their wedding inspiration and DIYs and the ideas just flows so easily! Today I'll show you how to make a rustic heart with flowers that looks beautiful hanging from a chair but can also be used in a door or anywhere else.

Step 1: Materials

Thick cardbord

Gardening cutting scissors

Glue gun




Floral tape

Flower capsule

Thick ribbon

Piece of rope

1 yard of ribbon

Green flower wire

Step 2: Draw and Cut

Draw the shape you want to have in your chair. I drew a heart but you can draw the bride and groom's initials or any other shape you want.

Cut it with your scissors and try to make all the frame the same width.

Step 3: Branches

Use de gardening scissors to cut little pieces of your branches, like 3 inches long each.

Step 4: Glue

Put some glue in one side of the branches and place them in your cardboard shape. Use the ones that are curved for the round sides to follow the shape. Do it until you complete all the shape and see no more cardboard anymore. You may need to cut smaller pieces to fit the spaces you're missing.

Step 5: Flowers

Make a little bouquet with your flowers and hold it with your hand. Hold all the stems together and in place with the floral tape and cut the tips of the stems in 45º with your scissors.

Step 6: Flower Capsule

Cut the lid of the capsule a little more to make all your stems pass through it. Close the capsule with water in the lower part of it. This is a great accessory to have always at hand if you like to work with flowers because it gives your project the pro look and makes flowers last a lot longer.

Step 7: Ribbon and Wire

Put some of the thick ribbon covering the flower capsule and secure it with the piece of rope. It looks like a little sack!

Fasten your flower bouquet to the heart using floral wire and twisting it at the back of the heart.

Step 8: Hang It

Use your ribbon to hang the heart from the chair. You just need to fold it in half, place the fold in the center of the heart and pass the two ends inside the ribbon.

Make a bow to secure it to the chair and admire your creation.

This is totally a piece worth of lots of pictures and I assure you everyone will love it!

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