Introduction: Rustic Wedding Invitation Using Burlap Fabric

If you are having a rustic wedding and want to incorporate a lot of burlap in your decorating, you’ll want to start with the invitations. These were easy to make, and each one took less than 5 minutes, including the time it took me to write out the information on each. With pre-printed cards and some assistants, you can get all your invitations done in no time.

You will need:

- burlap
- cardstock paper
- paint or permanent markers
- pens to write out invitation on card (or have them printed out)
- corner hole punch
- normal single hole punch
- spray adhesive
- scissors
- paper towel

Prepare the paper. You’ll want to punch the corners to round them, write any necessary information on the card, and punch 2 holes near the top about an inch apart.

Prepare the burlap. Cut it down so that it’s slightly smaller than the cardstock. Then, pull 2 - 3 strands from each side to create a small fringed edge. Use the paint or permanent markers to decorate it how you want. Make sure you place it on the paper towel while writing on it because the marker will bleed through.

Use one of the longer strands you pulled from the burlap and put it through the two holes, then tie a double knot.

Put a thin layer of spray adhesive on the back of the cardstock, then attach the burlap.

And you’re done!