Introduction: Steampunk Brass Glider

we all know about drones and planes but there is a special thing about the glider. we don't need propellers, engines, etc, But wings.

gliders look simply good and are made with lite metal alloys but here we will try making it with brass so that it looks like steampunk.


1. brass rod (1.5mm)

2. brass pipe(inner dia 1.5mm)

3. cloth

4. super glue

Step 1: Template

Here I drew them myself.

Step 2: Making: Main Frame

1. take a brass wire of length 10 cm.

2. bend the wire according to the template.

3. take a brass tube of length 4cm and file it from the middle.

4. solder the tube to the frame made.

now we are ready to make the wings.

Step 3: Making : Wings

1. take two identical brass wires and bend them in the shape of wings from the templates.

2. cut the cloth in the shape of the wing.

3. stick the wing with super glue and make sure to stretch it.

4. harden the cloth with fabric glue.

your glider is ready

Step 4: Testing

I tried to fly the glider but due to the weight at the front part, it falls down so I cut the front section and bent it into a smaller head.

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