Introduction: S.O.S. Cover Pimples With Makeup

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We've all experienced the horrible feeling of having pimples, specially in special occasions when we want to look our best. I'll show you how to conceal them so you can have an even skin.

Step 1: You'll Need

Concealer (one shade lighter than your skin tone)

Liquid foundation

Setting loose powder

Makeup brushes

Step 2: Target

Use your concealer and small brush to cover all your pimples or red spots. Doesn't matter if the concealer is very visible at this point.

Step 3: Blend

Blend just the outer edge of the concealer you put before. This will make the spot still be a lighter tone but the edge will blend with your skin.

Step 4: Foundation

Put foundation all over your face using a makeup brush. When covering pimples it is always good to use makeup crushes because they give us more coverage than using the fingers. At this point the small pimples will be imperceptible.

Step 5: Powder

For those big and stubborn pimples..

Take some powder with the tip of your finger and put it in your pimple with little strokes. Blend the edges with your finger.

*For this step it is very important to have a makeup powder that's the same color of your foundation and skin.

Step 6: Finish

Finish up with makeup powder all over the face to make the tone even and a little blush.

Nobody will notice all the stinky spots under your makeup.

*It is always recommended to treat the skin problems with a professional. This intractable is just for emergencies and this technique should not be used daily as it can clog pores.

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