Introduction: SPACE DRONE

This is a quadcopter base space drone. It will be working in space and some other planet also.

The quadcopter type drones are using four rotors and this cause I have used four thrusters based on using solid propellant.

The space drone is working based on four thrusters and fuel materials are used in solid propellant and own oxygen tank.

The acrylic rod is acted as a solid propellant and it will burn by using own oxygen flow.

The space drone is working based on quadcopter principle.

Step 1: First See This Videos

I have to use acrylic rod it will act as a solid propellant and provide own oxygen tank.

Throttle the oxygen flow to control the thruster force.

Step 2: Materials Used

Oxygen cylinder

Acrylic rods

Check valves

Throttle valves



Signal transmitter and receiver

Lithium polymer battery

Thermal insulator

lightweight aluminum frame

Step 3: Design and Fabrication

The vehicle design based on quadcopter type such as X or + type frame has as been designed. The vehicle frame material is using the lightweight aluminum frame.

The X type frame is design based on payload.

The X type frame will attach the metal hose and between using check value and throttle value.

The lightweight aluminum canister is used to load the solid propellant.

The thruster nozzle design is the most important thing.

Note: If you have to operate your drone in space you have to provide ignition unit and consider some other factors also.

Step 4: Working

The four thruster force is controlled by using throttle value

The check valve is used to provide additional safety

The throttle valve is attached to the servomotor to control the oxygen flow

The signal transmitter and receiver is connected to the controller

The controller is attached to the four servo motors.

The four thruster is ignited to increases the oxygen flow it will take off and varying the thruster force to control the drone motion.

Thank you

This is my idea and I don't have enough of money to make a prototype.

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