Introduction: Sailor Moon Star Locket Necklace

What Materials you need:

yellow wool blend felt

light blue wool blend felt

small red plastic gem

2 gold chain equal size of desired length or a very long chain

lobster claw




What Tools you need:

tacky glue



Embroidery Floss, yellow

**Please read through all directions first before starting this project

Step 1: Getting Your Pattern Pieces

Cut out pattern pieces according to the number the number on the template. Put small circle over larger circle and trace. Cut the inside, so you should be left with a ring shape. Pin patterns onto felt and cut out. Cut the pieces very carefully. Layer the pieces as follows: Big circle, Ring, and Moon. Four smaller circles are also needed, but I eyeballed these.

Your pieces should look like these.

Step 2: Star Center

Take the blue circle and and add tacky glue around the edges. Lay the ring on top of this glue. After, add the moon. With some E-6000, add a dot of glue to the bottom of the plastic gem and add it to the cover piece, like the picture.

Step 3: Adding the Center to the Star

Add a generous amount of glue to the center of one of your star pieces and glue down the star center piece. If you have not cut out your smaller circles, do that now. Glue them around the star center as seen in the picture.

Step 4: Adding the Eyepin

I had a rather long eyepin, so with needle nose pliers I bent it in half and twisted it around. This formed the shape in the picture. Take a glob of E-6000 and securely glue the eyepin to the top of the star piece. Make sure that only the circle part of the eyepin will show when you add the other star piece on top.

Step 5: Adding the Locket Cover

Take the ring pattern piece you made and trace along the inside of the ring, cut out new circle. Pin this to the felt and cut out. This is the locket cover. Take a few dabs of glue and glue down the edge of the circle to the locket. Take a scrap piece of felt and carefully wipe off any extra glue.

Step 6: Combine the Two Star Pieces

Thread your needle with two strands of embroidery floss. (there are 6 strands in 1 piece of floss, divide them so you have only 2.) Start to sew the two star shapes together. Stuff with polyfill as you sew the edges. Once you get to the end I like to make a knot, and push the needle in between the stitches and out the back. Then I pull the thread and cut it.

Step 7: Adding the Chain

Add a jumpring to the eyelet using the needle nose pliers. Add the two ends of the chains. Close the jumpring. Add one jumpring to one end of the chain and attach the lobster claw. Close the jumpring. Add another jumpring to the last chain end.

**This is my first time working with jewelry, so if you know a better way to add the chain, then do it that way. :)

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