Introduction: Spartacus Colliseum (Cat Bed)

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We are welcoming a new family member and his name will be Spartacus so I decided to make him a proper sleeping bed. Cats loves boxes so I thought that it would be good to use this material as the base of the construction.


  • Old Boxes (Cardboard)
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Compass

Step 1: Cutting the Boxes

We moved back to our house and had a lot of empty boxes ready to be used. We have a pretty good recycling system here in Sweden but I prefer to do better things with the boxes. I use to save them until they are not usable.

1. I don't have compass big enough to draw a circle to use the whole width of the cardboard I decided the radius and drew the two halves. We don't wanted to have a completely circular bed so we made it an oval by adding a 5mm strip in the middle.

Step 2: Making It Foldable and Cutting the Windows

I used an internet picture as reference. I don't own the right and can't publish it here.

But here is the link:

To be able to shape the cardboard around the oval base, I made cuts half way of the material and that allowed me to fold it without any troubles. I used the width of the ruler as a guide to save time.I used the glue gun to put all together. That allows me to work very fast.

I used a compass to draw the arc of the windows and doors.

Step 3: Faking the Bricks

1.I used the leftovers from the windows to "fake" the bricks around the windows and the doors. It doesn't have to be perfect, After all we are trying to copy a building that is in ruins right now.

2. I started glueing the support for the crack on the wall to give support to that part.

3. The fallen wall was drawn by fri hand. I had to make some changes during the process to achieve the shape that I was happy with.

Step 4:

1. Cut small triangles and attache it to the borders as shown in the picture to use is as support for the "roof". I don't wanted to do a double wall so I decided to do this to make it look thicker.

Step 5: Give It Some Support

I really wanted it to resemble a Roman building as much as possible so I decided to add some columns. I used the cardboardr that is bendable and added 2mm wide strip on the back to give it some stability.

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