Introduction: Save Tires and Make a Garden !

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Tires which are made of rubber are really hard to decompose and reuse due to the fact that it is not bio de-gradable. So i had a lot of tires lying around the house so i thought to make a green use of it and do some cool thing with it that may reduce carbon emission and at the same time recycle old tires. The project we are going to carry out here is called The Tire garden, which in fact is a really easy project and fun thing to do with your kids and family members which contribute to the beautification of your environment. So lets get started and collect all the things you need.

Step 1: Materials

Due to the fact that i used a phone camera i missed some of the process in the making put you can get the basic idea. Here are what we need to make your very own tire garden.


- A small garden or land
- As many tires as you can get
- A tin of white or and rainbow colored paint.
- Some soil , needs to be loam soil (have clay soil and little sand)
- flowers of your choice.

Thats all you need for your beautiful garden.

Step 2: Method

Now that you have all your materials you need to wash the tires properly so that any toxin materials or insects in side are dead. Then lay them in the odder you desire , remember use your creativity you can make really cool designs. Then start filling them with loam soil and level it out.

2. The take a stick or a small fork and start digging and making the soil fine.

3. The plant your flowers or whatever you desire.

4. Add some water and then let the tires dry.

5. Then start painting the to what ever colors you want and you can also make designs on the white surface of the tire with cool vectors.

6. congratulations you have you very own tire garden.

Step 3: Lastly

After 2 days or so the flowers may sprout and the soil must be kept moist at all times.

Care and maintenance :

1. The tires must be painted after very 5 months
2. The soil can be treated with some low power fertilizers.
3. Each tire must contain maximum of 5 plants.

SO there you have it.

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