Introduction: Save a Stained Garment With Applique

Oops! Don't let that spill or drip ruin your clothes. Cover the stain with an applique while adding some personal style!

Thanks to threadbanger for the applique application process.

Step 1: Materials

Stained garment

Cotton fabric with large print


Double fusible webbing


Sewing machine


Step 2: Cut Applique Shapes

If you choose a cotton fabric with a large print, you can cut you applique right from the print! No pattern needed. I love the skulls on this print, so I cut out some of the skulls that didn't overlap.

Place your shapes onto your garment to decide on the placement.

I opted to use half of a large skull right up against the neckline. I pressed the side that would be against the edge in a curve so it would line up well with the neck's seam and wouldn't have to be sewn.

Step 3: Apply Webbing

Peel one layer of the paper from the fusible web. This will allow the fabric to stick slightly and not move as easily while you cut around your applique pieces. I opted to use an X-acto knife for some of my cutting, but ultimately went back to my scissors for most of the cutting.

Iron your applique so the fusible webbing sticks to the fabric. Then, peel the paper backing off.

Step 4: Place and Iron

Iron your garment, so it's nice and smooth.

Place your applique(s) onto your garment and iron in place.

Step 5: Stitching

Set your machine to a tight zig zag stitch. If your fabric is thick like a jean, you could set it very tight and it will have a very cool border when finished. If your fabric is very light and flows like mine, you don't want to add too much thread to the border or it will become too heavy and stiff, so widen the stitches a bit.

Stitch around the edge of all your appliques. This will prevent unravelling and make it safe to machine wash. You won't need to worry about your fusible web separating from the fabric in the wash.

Step 6: Enjoy

Flaunt your personal style while hiding those "oops" moments.

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