Introduction: Scarf Belt

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Accessories are a fun way to express your style. They make any outfit look more polished. But have you think about accessories made for accessories?

Today I'll teach you how to make this small flower belt that will give a nice touch to a simple scarf. The best part is that you won't have to spend money, we'll upcycle an old belt.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

An old belt




One button to cover

Upholstery glue or strong glue

Step 2: ​Cut

Measure 30 cms from the buckle. Cut diagonally.

Take the other tip of the belt and cut the bottom seam as shown in the picture.

It has to be cut in a diagonal line too, because we´ll make the flower with this part of the belt.

Step 3: ​Gather

Begin making a seam at the raw edge. Make long stitches.

Pull the seam to gather the belt, you'll see the flower.

Step 4: ​Cover the Button

Use glue to stick a square of fabric in the middle of the button.

Saw until the faux leather takes the shape of the button. Then attach the bottom part.

Step 5: ​Assemble

Sew the flower to the little belt.

Sew the bottom on top.

Step 6: ​Enjoy

Now attach the belt to a scarf using the original buckle.

You´ll see it will be your favourite accessory for accessories. Will be able to use it with different scarfs!

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