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Introduction: Scary Snow Globe

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In this tutorial i'll be using a snow globe to make ..... that thing in the picture...I have no idea what to call it :D and i'll also make dual led flasher circuit using 555 timer

Step 1:

Start by taking apart your least favorite snow globe or your favorite you wish :D
-Empty and wash/clean the glass

Step 2: 555 Dual Flasher Circuit Diagram

Step 3:

-Solder your components

Step 4:

Drill three holes on the base of the snow globe

2 for the power supply and the other for the potentiometer

Step 5:

Draw as many scary things you want to draw on your snow globe then mount the circuit inside the the globe and pass the power supply and potentiometer wires through the holes made previously.

Step 6:

connect it to a power supply and enjoy your weird snow globe thing...or as my friend named it => MR PUMPKINGTON :D

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