Introduction: Sci-fi Space Station

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This is a model based of a sci-fi space station. but as you can see its not exactly like the image but, I could not replicate the floating discs on top of the structure.

Here is my insparation.

Step 1: Main Superstructure Base

Cut out a circle as shown then curve into a slight wide cone.

Step 2: Add the Under City Parts

Cut out multiple shapes as shown in first image. then glue them to the bottom.

Step 3: Glue Small Circle on Bottom

Then glue a small circle on the bottom of the space craft.

Step 4: Mast Details

then add the discs to the mast with small strips of cardboard.

Step 5: Jet Boosters

make three small rolls of cardboard and glue them on the circle, next add a small satalite on the superstructure.

Step 6: Done!

now you are done roughen up the underside for detail. and finish.

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