Introduction: 'Scratchie' Gift/Greeting Card

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This little trick is perfect for kids of all ages; another inexpensive and endlessly creative way to add a little value to your gestures.... If you've not got a physical gift for someone, this is a great way to 'wrap it'!

Make a 'scratchie' out of your greeting card!

Step 1: Set It Up

You'll need:

- A5 card (or just A4 cut in half) with a design on it - I've attached a pic of mine I had done for a father's day gift on behalf of a friends daughter. I used PowerPoint & set it to print onto an A5 size.

- Clear Contact (plastic adhesive-backed film)

- Scissors

- Dishwashing detergent

- White & Silver paint

- Paintbrush & a disposable bowl or plate

I have a hair dryer handy too, so I can dry the paint carefully between coats

Step 2: Make It Happen

So the idea is to have a few solid shapes with a 'prize' underneath. This you can set up like a 'scratchie', where you scratch 3 of the same item to win, or just simply a fun way of revealing a gesture like this example.

Have your card ready to go....

1. Place your contact (without the backing removed) over your shapes & trace the outline of the shape onto your contact. Cut the shape out, peel off the backing paper & stick it right over the top of your 'scratchie' shape.

2. Mix up 1 part of liquid detergent & 2 parts silver paint & add a bit of white to make the colour a bit more opaque (meaning not see-through when painted). In the pic I've put a bit much detergent so I added some more silver, you'll get the best consistency once you play around with it a bit, but in the sake of saving materials, start with a small amount :-D

3. Paint one thin layer of mix onto the shape (over the contact) to cover it; here's where you need to keep in mind that in order for this to work, the layers must be thin and many! You can't cheat & attempt 1 thick layer (I tried & failed, the contact won't allow it).

4. Wait for each layer to dry completely before putting on the next until your text underneath is completely invisible.
You can tidy it up at the end by reapplying the shape borders with a marker or leave it raw looking, whatever takes your fancy!
You could even add a layer of glitter!!!

Just a note though, I found if I got impatient with it, the paint mixture would get wiped off prematurely when I was trying to apply another layer, or if the layer was too thick it would crack when drying, like a drought-stricken river bed!
Patience is key with this project, and it reaps great rewards (there's just something about the mystery that brings out the kid in everyone!)