Introduction: Sea Pendant

To make this pendant you will need following material:-

Transparent Plastic Sheet, Tape, Marble chips, Sea Shall, Epoxy Resin and Pigment (Green). This pendant is very easy to make. Thank You.

Step 1: Basic

Take a piece of transparent plastic sheet. Twist this sheet and make a cone shape. Cover the edges of cone with plastic tape.

Step 2: Epoxy Resin

Take a piece of wire and band the sea shell with it. Take Epoxy Resin and put some color (Green Pigment). Now, put hardener in epoxy resin. The percentage of Epoxy should be 100% and percentage of hardener will 50%.

Step 3: Final Work Out

Put small quantity of epoxy resin in the said cone. Put some marble chips on it. Now put sea shall on this cone and fill it with epoxy resin. Let it dry. Remove the plastic sheet and get it out.

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