Introduction: Secret Musical SweatShirt

There are thousands of occasions where you want to listen to music, but you should not, so if you do not want to get caught, making this sweatshirt is your solution.


  • Sweatshirt with a pocket
  • needle
  • Thread
  • Elastic WaistBand
  • Leggings | something from which you can obtain thread
  • 3cm zip

Step 1: Turn Around the Sweatshirt

Step 2: Make the Hole for the Zip

The zip should be under the pocket, do not make the hole on the pocket. Just on the thread under.

Step 3: Sew the Zip

Remember that the zip should be under the pocket do not sew the zip with the pocket just with the under pocket thread.

Step 4: Avoiding Chafing With the Zip

Cut a rectangle that covers the entire zip (and a bit more) from the leggings or whatever you are using.

Sew it to the under-pocket cape, only from the sides in white.

When the zip is open the cable should be able to pass through the zip .

Step 5: Hook for the Headphones

Cut 2 pieces of the elastic waistband of no more than 2cm , and sew it to the sleeves.

The headphone should be able of entering and no moving, while you move your sleeves.

take into consideration that headphones are not usually so much long, so only one could be hook on the sleeve.

Step 6: THAT IT IS!!

Now you can hear music from your sleeves or as normal (ears) and no one would notice.

Hope you have enjoyed it :)

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