Introduction: Secret Pocket / Clothes Hanger

Do you want to have your expensive gold jewellery,cash or any other flat personal stuffs  any where freely  around the house other than locking them up all the time? Every single day you can't be hiding these stuffs from your cleaning maids or the teenage daughters who grap mama's jewellery to wear or grab the cash to enjoy themself.Best thing is to get a clothes hanger done with a secret pocket and you can just hang  it any where,in the house as no one is going to suspect stuffs inside a hanger.Even if the hanger lies around with out a garment no fuss the three layered hanger has a secretive pocket.

Watch out don't do this infront of your teenagers or maids.....

Step 1: Supplies

Printed Fabric of your choice
Flat Clothes hanger -the hook must be turnable
Thread to match
Sewing needle
7" Zip
6" Velcro
Tracing wheel
Carbon paper
Measuring Tape
1/2 " Ribbon to make three bows
Marker pen
sheet of paper/news paper

Step 2: Template

Out line the hanger on to a scrap paper and cut out two paper templates.The measurment given for the width is ideal for any sized  hangers.Mark the middle.This measurement is with sewing  allowances.

Step 3: Cut & Trace

Fold the fabric into two, right side facing inside and cut.Two small (printed and plain totall 4 pcs) and one big(2 pcs).I am doing the secret pocket with a plain colored fabric to show the difference, if not it is always  better to sew all the covers with the same printed fabric.
Trace them out.
Remember to choose a printed and soft fabric as there are three layers of covers..

Step 4: Sew

Keep the printed  fabric inside  and the yellow  fabric out side  as shown in the first image,then  sew on top  up to the marked points on the sides.The bottom stays open. Leave  1/4" slot  in the middle to slip the hanger through.Please see image you will understand better.
Now turn inside out and the secret pocket will be  in the plain fabric.

Step 5: Attatch Zip

You may have to cut out a little bit from the bottom of the  yellow fabric ,and then attatch the zip in the middle.It is better to hand sew the zip and then use the machine.

Step 6: Slip Hanger

Insert  hanger hook first and then the two sides.

Step 7: Attatch Velcro

Attatch a piece of velcro(on both sides) also in the middle on to the outer printed cover.I sewed the velcro with the hanger on.You can do it eigther way and then hand sew the sides.See images.

Step 8: Permanent

Once you have hand sewen both sides it is completed .These two covers are  permanent on the hanger.

Step 9: Slip On

The third cover, sew on top with the opening for the hook and right  up to the sides marked (see image).When you are sewing you will know at which point you have to stop on the sides..If you sew too much on to the bottom  you won't be able to insert the hanger.Open out the sides and fold 1/2 an inch and sew a hem on all three sides.Just slip this cover over the hanger.The sides are not sewn.Any time you can remove this cover to wash.Attatch pretty bows on sides and top.

Step 10: Hide!

Now hide your stuffs - only flat jewellery -Don't put any bulky stuffs in side the secret pockets. Hang your clothes  any where.

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