Introduction: Seed Cards

Today i'm going to show you how i made some seed cards that can be planted in soil and that will grow a plant of your choice.

These are great as a gift or just for making the storing and planting of your seeds easier.

I made some mistakes while making these cards, i added them to this instructable so you could see my whole progress. Please learn from them while making these cards.

I made mistakes so you don't have to! :)

Step 1: Making the Frame: What Do We Need

Making the seed cards is as easy as making home made paper.

To do this we first need to make a frame, and this is what we need

-wooden beams

-some kind of net (preferably fly screen mesh, I used a metal net. this was not a good idea, you'll see why later in the instructable)




sanding paper



-measuring tool

-stapler (industrial, normal will work to)

Step 2: Making the Frame: Chopping Some Wood

Think about how big you want your frame to be. This will probably depend on how much net you have.

When you have measured your net you can begin to cut your beams into four identical pieces using a miter. If you don't have a miter you could also just measure the angles.

Make sure the angled sides are right and the lengths are measured at the same sides. You can see my mistakes in the third photo. The first one is the right one, second has the wrong angles and the third is measured wrong.

If you have four right pieces you can staple them together using the stapler this wont be very sturdy but this is just to hold the frame in the right shape. Staple the wood on both sides.

When you have your frame you can use the nails to make them sturdy. I used two nails for both sides of every corner.

When the frame is finished you can sand the corners of the wood so you minimize the chance for splinters. I did this at the end but it would be easier before you connect all the wooden pieces.

Step 3: Making the Frame: Adding the Net

Put the net on to the frame and make sure it has the right measurements but you still have some margins.

(again i'm using a net with holes that are to large, please use a smaller mesh like a fly screen mesh)

Use the stapler again to fasten the net onto the wood, use enough staples so the net is fastened very good.

Bend the margins over onto the wood on every side so the sharp edges are on the inside.

Place the frame on the ground with the net on the bottom and place some weight on it. The easiest way to do this is to just stand on the wood. Jump around until all the folded sides are as flat as possible.

The frame is finished!

Step 4: Making the Cards: What Do We Need

Now we really can get started.

But first collect these items

-blender (you will be able to use this again for food after giving it a good wash)





-flowerpot (or mug)

-seeds of your own choice (i used basil)

Step 5: Making the Cards: My First Attempt (gone Wrong)

First rip the newspaper into small pieces of paper.

Put them in the water and stir until the pieces get sticky so they'll stick to each other and to your hand.

Get them out of the water and place the pieces onto the frame, use the sponge to get most of the water out of the paper.

This didn't work out because the pieces of paper didn't stick anymore after they had totally dried.

Up to the next try!

Step 6: Making the Cards: My Second Attempt (gone Wrong Again!)

Now i used a blender to make the paper into pulp. I threw the pieces of the previous attempt into the blender and added some water. It's best that you keep adding little bits of water until you've added enough so the pulp doesn't get to wet.

Place the pulp onto the frame and use the sponge again to remove most of the water.

Because my net has holes that are to big the pulp did fall through it to much so i also used the sponge on the bottom to try to fix this. This only made the pulp stick to the net on both sides so i couldn't get it off easily when it had dried. Which makes this attempt failed again.

Up to the next try!

Step 7: Making the Cards: Third Time's a Charm

I blended the paper again, but this time I blended it some longer so every bit of paper was shredded. This made the pulp a lot easier to work with.

Now I placed the pulp onto a piece of plastic so it would stay in shape.

I sprinkled the seeds onto one side of the pulp and pushed them into the pulp so they would stick into the paper.

When the pulp has dried in the sun i was able to cut it into strips. You can garnish the strips by pressing something into the wet pulp like i did on the left strip, you could write on the strip what type of seeds is in it or you could cut the strip in the shape of the plant or the shape of something else.

When your strips are ready you can plant them in the soil and after some water, care and love you will get a blooming plant of your choice.

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