Introduction: Self Watering WINE BOTTLE Planter

Planter made from a Wine Bottle.

Step 1: Bottle Cutter

I purchased this bottle cutter to try the project and use some of the old wine bottles i have saved.

This model is clamped to the bottle and the cutting wheel is engaged to meet the bottle. Then you turn the bottle to score it.

Step 2: Make the Glass Run.

On my model, once you have cut the line in the glass you have to make the glass run along the score.

This is accomplished by placing silicone o-rings around the bottle and pouring almost boiling water in the channel made by them. The bottle will split along the score almost perfectly.

Step 3: Sand the Edge

Sand the edge of the bottle to smooth out the cut. start with a rough grit and slowly move up to finer sand paper. On this planter I just used 60 or 80 grit to sand it, but be carful and try not to hit the side of the bottle.

Step 4: Adding the Screen and Wick.

I used a paint can as a guide to cut out a circle from some screening I have to serve as a soil holder. I tied twine through this circle and let the ends hang out of the bottles throat. Then I added soil and some plants and filled the bottom half with water. Now all I have to do is keep an eye on the water level.

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