Introduction: Semi Automatic K'nex Gun

This gun fires the small green/black pieces about 10 ft or so. It has a magazine size of about 40 pieces. Unfortunately it can jam often if you load too many pieces into the magazine at once, you also have to cut 2 orange/brown connectors in half. It also isn't very powerful. This is my first insructable so please tell me how I can improve on my instructables. Also tell me any ways to improve this gun. Thank you.

P.S. The attatched file has pics of the gun that are used in the instructable in bothe big and small sizes.

Step 1: Barrel and Breech

Create the piece in the pic. This will be referred to as the Barrel.

Step 2: The Barrel (cont.)

This is the back of the Barrel. Just add 7 grey/yellow connectors with 6 green/black rods on the back ones.

Step 3: The Base

This step is adding 6 red/grey connectors with 6 grey/yellow connectors. On the grey/yellow connectors you should have 2 of the red rods. Also add a blue rod on the red/grey connectors.

Step 4: Base (cont.)

This piece should be attatched to the front of the BASE snd also the front of the BARREL.

Step 5: The Magazine

Add about* four orange/brown connectors to the BREECH.

*I say "about" because the Magazine size is adjustable

Step 6: Magazine Sides

This step is pretty self explanitory. The length of the piece depends on the length of the piece from the last step. Also don't forget the top of the piece on the right.

Step 7: The Magazine (cont.)

Add the pieces from the last step. Note that the gun is pointing LEFT in the first pic and RIGHT in the second pic.

Step 8: The Magazine (cont. (yes, Again))

This step is adding a 2 blue rods with 2 knex hands on each rod to the bottom of the MAGAZINE.
Also add 2 grey/yellow connectors to the BASE.

Step 9: The Ram

The ram is a red rod with a joint thing at the back and 2 orange/brown brown pieces on it. Also add a piece that I can't really explain except that it is used with gears a lot.

Step 10: Ram Installation

Put the ram in the back of the BARREL. You can use different rubberbands, I used a band from a head of broccoli. The rubberband goes from the very front of the barrel to the joint piece on the back of the ram.

Step 11: Handle

This piece is very simple. It is 6 red rods with 6 red/grey connectors on each side. The connectors on the sides should each have a blue piece attatched.

Step 12: Attatch the Handle

The title and pic says it all.

Step 13: Extras

If the gun gets jammed you can either shake the gun a bit or poke through the slots in the sides of the magazine with a rod. The slots will also help remove any bullets that don't fall horazontally into the magazine.

The pic shows KILLERK's gun with a trigger I attatched to it (please note that my gun is slightly different from the one in KILLERK's instructable).

Step 14: Loading

I don't have a video for this step, put I have lots of pictures, sort of like a video, but with less pictures.

1) Get some green/black connectors.

2) Put the connectors into the magazine horazontally, make sure it IS NOT vertical, as this will result in jamming and/or breaking pieces.

3) Now you should squeeze the sides of the magazine or, better yet, put a small rubberband on the sides of the magazines so that they are constantly squeezed. Although this may sound odd, it should be done because otherwise the gun will jam a lot more often.