Introduction: Send Impromptu Romantic Messages

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Tired of sending the same old lovey-dovey text messages, embellished only by your phone’s emoji library?

Put your phone camera and imagination to use and send some impromptu (or at least impromptu-looking) romantic messages to your significant other(s). Their hearts will be melted by your romantic creativity, and who knows what might follow…

Let’s explore some ways you can use everyday objects around you, and create cheesy love messages very quickly.

Step 1: Office Supplies (a).

Here’s what you can do with paperclips and needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Office Supplies (b).

Push pins is your medium, cube wall is your canvas.

Step 3: Office Supplies (c).

Post-it notes - use more colors if you can.

Step 4: Office Supplies (d).

Dry erase board is very forgiving.

Step 5: Less Impromptu

If others look too quick and simple, you can get more elaborate and create a more visually appealing message using the medium of your choice. You can use food, metal, paper, plastic, rocks, mixed media, animals, etc. Here’s something made of wood.

Step 6: Steal

If your imagination fails you, or there are no objects handy, you can always steal unlimited amount of images from the Internet. Or use it for inspiration, just like this instructable.

Step 7: Go Do It!

So, go out there and create these romantic messages. Send them to your significant other(s) via the social media or messaging app of your choice. You can even print and mail them via snail mail.

It’s still cheaper than buying a card.

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