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This arduino project uses a gyroscope to control two servo motors for each axis, rotating the maze with a ball, the objectiv is to complete it fastest.

Two years ago a friend and i built a bluetooth maze it used an app on an android device that send the gyroscope data throught bluetooth. this one use an mpu6050 to sense. i ordered an bluetooth module, when it arrives i'll make this version again and i'll upload here.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


i built this on two days and i glue averything with hot glue so you can use other materials and make it better and even bigger. feel free of make it you own way.

1. Arduino board (i used an arduino pro mini with a ttl to usb adapter)

2. MPU6050

3. X2 SG90

4. Protoboard

5. Wire

6. balsa wood 1x1x1cm

7. MDF Board

8. wood stick

8. Cardboard (carton paja)

9. hot glue


1. scissor

2. cutter

3. Hoy glue gun

4. ruler

Step 2: Electronics

The electronics used on this project are really easy. first follow the schematic and upload the code to your arduino.

i used the code from this web:


folder Progetto/Giroscopio_Servo_X_Y

Step 3: Maze and Structure

for the maze i used a kind of cardboard (call "caton paja" in spanish) it is used for architectural model.

first i cut a square 10x10cm and cut pieces of 1cm widht and leaving 1cm betwen each wall i just made it without any layout. as i said you can make it much better. Then i mark the initials points with markers and glued the servo attachment into the center of one of its sides.

i cutted two pieces of the balsa wood of 13cm and another two of 12cm and made the frame with them, i glued them like on the picture so it was an internal size of 11x12, i glued the servo motor with the maze attached into the sort side of the square and make sure that it was center. then glued the servo attachment 90 degres on the outside of the square (see the pictures :)) and glued a 1cm piece of the wood stick on the oposite side for support.

then i put a pice of 10cm of the balsa wood and glued to the mdf board and glued the other servo motor on top, cut another pice of balsa of 11cm and make a little gap for placing the wood stick that supports the frame. i put the frame on the servo and glued this piece acording to the stick.

Connect your servos to the protoboard and make sure it works good. i used a little aluminum foil ball.

see it working:

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