Introduction: Sew a Girls' Boyshorts

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Do you want to learn to sew with knit fabrics? This is a great beginner project for someone who is just getting acquainted with sewing with stretchy fabric. It is also a useful project for an experienced sewer who needs ideas to use up scrap knit fabrics leftover from other projects as the boyshorts require very little amount of fabric! I absolutely love making them for my daughters, and they too love having new undies, and cute fabric prints are bonus! :)

Step 1: What Do You Need


Sewing machine

Serger/overlocker - optional


Knit fabric - preferably natural material like cotton or bamboo

Elastic Band


Setting your sewing machine to sew stretch fabrics:

i) Increase the stitch length to 3.0

ii) Decrease the tension slightly

iii) Change your needle to ballpoint/stretch/jersey/universal needles

Remember to test with scrap fabrics before you start sewing on your project proper!

Step 2: How Do You Make the Boyshorts?

The above video shows you the steps to make the boyshorts.

Download the pdf sewing pattern and instructions here. (You will need to sign up/ log in as our community member to access the pattern. Being Yuzu and Pear's community member is absolutely free!)

Step 3: Additional Info - Setting Your Machine for Twin Needles

Watch the video above to learn how to use the twin needles to replicate the look of two uniform rows of stitching on the right side (and a ladder stitch on the wrong side) from the coverstitch machine, using your domestic machine.