Introduction: Shadow Light Box

The instructions below will guide you through creating your shadow lightbox. It can be used as a decoration for your room or night light. The lightbox is capable of changing a variety of colors with a remote control according to the vibe you want. The brightness can also be adjusted in your favor.

The lightbox can switch colors of dark blue, red, dark green, purple, light blue, and light green with the different numbers on the remote.



1. Arduino UNO

2. IR Remote Module

3. LED Light Strips

4. Transistors

5. Resistors

6. Breadboard and cables

7. Outer box and paper cutting patterns of your choice

8. Plastic firm

9. Batteries

Step 1: Outer Hardware

Choose a box of favor for the outer and cut a shape in the front for the light to shine through. Then, you will have to cut papers into patterns of your choice for them to stand inside the front part of the box later. Lastly, cut the plastic firm into the shape you cut on the box and stick it on.

Step 2: Install Paper

Place the paper patterns you just cut into the box in order and set it.

Step 3: Make Circuit

Create circuit as the picture shown above. I used buttons on the remote 1-6 for the colors dark blue, red, dark green, purple, light blue, and light green.

Step 4: Download the Code

The code is for the remote to receive command and download it into the breadboard. The code can be download from the link down:

Step 5: Install Light Strip and Arduino UNO in the Box

Place the light strips into the box and the Arduino UNO into the box. Cut a small hole on the top of the box for the sensor of the remote control reveal.

Step 6: Close the Box

Close the box and check for anything you want to add for any final decorations.

Step 7: Install Power Bank

Install the batteries and power bank, and you are finished with your product.