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however for a brief intro.

Shan Foods (Pvt) Ltd. is a Pakistani producer of spice mixes used in Pakistani cuisine and other dishes of South Asia. The company's products are exported to many nations, and the popularity of such products is due to the reduction in the time required to make traditional meals.
Shan has also recently launched a new brand Shoop Noodles.

shan bombay biryani has actually made my childhood bright.

whenever we came back from our school, i would smell the aroma of biryani 3 floors above me.

after my childhood passed, my marriage came up, and even after this many years, i still loved to eat biryani as well as cook it up.

from that day, until today the formula of shan never changed except that in india we get slightly different powder by shan.

it is more spicer yet less aromatic.

the powder we got in pakistan was only to be distributed in pakistan.

now the question was, how the Heck was i going to re bring my dish back in india too?

answer is by recreating it.

after this many years of eating my biryani, i always knew what was less in my dish and what did i needed to make it better. but i need a perfect blend of spices to get that authentic taste.

Step 1: Spices

for the indian version change the amount of chilli powder, add more for spicer version.

this powder is for 250 grams of rice. increase powder to make more blend for more rice.

you need.

the powder you need to grind.

1 tsp of chilli powder

1 tsp of paprika powder

1 tb of cumin seeds.

1/2 tsp salt

2 red chillies dried ( or use chilli flakes 1/2 tsp)

1 tb coriander powder. ( or use whole coriander same amount for fresh batch)

1/2 tb fennel seeds

Pinch of nigella seeds

1/4 tsp of tumeric powder

Dash of dill seeds

Dash of fenugreek seeds

the raw aromatic spices

7-13 green cardamoms

1-2 inch cinnamon stick

1 black cardamom

1 whole nutmeg ( not pictured)

1 whole mace

10-15 black pepper whole

3- 4 bay leaves

5-8 cloves

one star anise ( not pictured)

7-8 biryani sour plums ( you will find them in only indian grossary stores)

Step 2: How to Make the Biryani Curry ( My Way)

for 2 glasses (500ml) rice,(soak them for 15 min if basmati rice)


10 medium onions,

7 tomatoes

400 grams yogurt greek style

my home made powder ( twice the quantity of grinded powder, but a little more of the aromatics)

1 kg chicken or more as u like

2 tb spoon fresh ginger garlic paste .( simply grind both together)

( add your home made spices GRINDED powder to yogurt but keep 2 tsp spoons of spice reserved)

Step 3: Cooking Instructions

fry your onions in 1/3 cup oil.

add tomatoes once tomatoes are light brown.

cook until oil separates and tomatoes are cooked. ( add little amount of water to avoid burning)

add chicken ( please make sure there is no water in your onion tomato gravy , only oil.)

add ginger garlic paste

fry your chicken on low heat for 2 minutes. add your spices yogurt gravy along with the aromatics.

cook on low heat stiring occasionally to avoid burning. you may add little amount of water if you feel it is sticking at the bottom.

cook until chicken gets cooked and oil seperates

Step 4: How to Add Gravy to Rice.

what i do is that i make layers of rice and gravy in my heavy bottom pan.. and garnish each layer with coriander and some fried onions.

but what others do ( shan foods included) is that, they do layer them up but simply mix all together before serving.

the picture of rice dish is not mine but of how shan wants you to serve the dish.

if you want how i layer them up simply write in the comments below and I will post the picture as well :)

tell then enjoy your biryani.

Allah Hafiz

Step 5: Watch Step to See How I Layered

Follow the pics

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