Introduction: Shark From Reclaimed Wood

I saw this shark on internet long time back, wanted to buy but it was out of stock. I never thought of making it myself as i am not a wood-worker and don't have proper tools not even a wood saw. Thanks to COVID and a rotting table i decided to give it a shot, luckily it came out decent, what do you think? Now it is a integral part of monsoon washed walls of my roof top garden.

Best part of this project is that it doesn't need much tools and can be easily customized to whatever is available with you. This Instructable is also more of a story of how i made it.


wooden plank 6ftX1ft

Wood saw


empty white plastic container( empty toothpaste tube or shampoo bottle works best)



Step 1: Cut the Plank

Starting with a plank of 6ft by 1 ft i cut it half so that i have 2 pieces of 3ft by 1ft.

Step 2: Draw the Pattern

Draw shark head outline on the wood. Don't worry about symmetry, errors will make it look better. But if you want it perfect you can download shark face template from my other Instructable

Step 3: Cut

You can use band saw to cut this in 5 minutes or like me, cut it using combination of metal cutting saw without handle and plier+ hammer to cut and wedge the wood respectively.

I have cut inner part first. Be careful while wedging as wood can split easily along the grain length.

Step 4: Make Lower Jaw

Cut inside cutout in half and use 3 pieces to make lower jaw.

Step 5: Nail Down

Assemble all pieces as shown and attach them using nail and other cut pieces.

Nail length should not be more than twice the thickness of wood else it will poke out from other side.

Step 6: Teeth

Cut white plastic container in triangular pieces and nail them on back side as shown.

I have used discarded food container.

Hope you liked my shark. Please share your makes and feel free to ask in case of doubts.

Have fun!!

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