Shaving Cream HACK

Introduction: Shaving Cream HACK

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Who needs that pricey shaving cream, when you have something sitting in your bathroom, has multiple purposes, not too expensive and actually lets you see where you are shaving?!?

All that you need is a small dollop of conditioner/shampoo, about the size of the top bit of your thumb, and then apply evenly on to the Area that is too be shaved, and then you can get shaving!

Aaaaaannd bobs your uncle!

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    4 Discussions

    TK Trooper
    TK Trooper

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Shampoo/conditioner is not a good substitue for shaving. It is not designed for the type of skin and hair on your face. It also has detergents in it which are not that good for your skin.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    An Arko stick is cheaper, lasts longer, works better, and you're not pushing chemicals into your skin.