Introduction: Shining Star Pendant

Create your own shining star pendant, that glows brilliantly. It is simple and easy to build.


Here are the materials required:

LED strip

CR2032/CR2025 or 2X AA batteries

Connecting wires

Foam sheet/ Cardboard

Paper cutter





Step 1: Gathering the Materials

Gather all the required materials.

Step 2: Template of Star

Sketch the outline of the star or draw a template of the star of about 2 inches on a paper. Cut the foam into the shape of star using a paper cutter.

Step 3: The Lighting of the Star Pendant

Take an LED strip of any colour of choice and bend it into the shape of a star, using the already made template from foam. Solder the wires onto the LED strip and power it using coin cell.

Step 4: Fixing the Template of Star to the LED Strip

The template of the star made out of foam is fixed to the LED strip using glue. Attach the hook using glue to one end of the star. To avoid long wires, place the coin cell into the hollow space of the star.

Step 5: Done!

Here's the completed shining star pendant.

You can customize the pendant size and can include LED colours of your choice!

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