Introduction: Shiny/Oval/Catching Charms in Pokémon Sword and Shield

This is an easy way to make the charms you get at the end of the game of Pokémon Sword and Shield.


String, two small beads, and a larger bead

Step 1: Get Your Supplies.

Get a length that you’d like for your charm. You need a little space for the hook and the tassel. And then cut the string.

Step 2: Adding the String

Take the two ends of the string and slide them through all the beads. In order, it should be small bead, bigger bead, and small bead. If your find it hard to pull the strings through, you can use a sewing needle.

Step 3: Knots

This should be an easy step. Make sure when you put the string in that there is room on the top. All you have to do is knot both of the sides closest to the small beads to keep them together.

Step 4: Cutting

First, make sure the top has a loop so you can be able to hook it on anything. Then you’ll cut the end pretty short or however you’d like.

Step 5: Frilling the String

In the images from the game, there are little tassels on the ends of the charms. This might be hard, but make sure the string is able to do this by checking if it has multiple smaller strings within itself. You might have to use a needle for this.

Step 6: End

This should be the finished product of the charm. I hope this was easy enough to make, and you’ll have fun with showing these off!