Introduction: Shoelace Butterfly Bow (How to Keep Your Laces From Comeing Untied)

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Not only does it look cool, but chances are they will stay tied until you untie them.

Step 1: The Shoe

Shoe. Laces. Check!

Step 2: Foot

Insert foot.

Step 3: Tighten

Make sure every thing is tight enough to stay on but not so tight that the blood can't flow. Notice I have long laces. That is important if you want to make a double bow. However, a single bow with this technique will suffice.

Step 4: First Stay-tied Knot and Bow

Cross over your laces and then make loops for the bow. When making the first bow it is important to go around TWICE. over, under, over, under. Look at the photos of you are confused. I hope it makes sense... Despite what you might think, it is just as easy to untie. The pics at the end show this. Anyway, pull tight on the loops to make the first bow that will normally stay tied untill you pull on the ends to unravel them.

Step 5: Second Bow

Lather, rinse, repeat. That means pretty much do what you did before. you dont have to double it over like before. just over and under once will do. I figured out that the first stay-tied bow is required of you want a double bow. That is because it resists unraveling more and when you make a second bow, you will effectively unravel both of them by tightening the second bow. Do not tighten the second bow too much. The first bow will resist unraveling. It still isn't the type of know that will stay a knot, which is good cuz a permanent know would be bad. Tighten the second bow just enough so it holds and wont come undone easily.
TaDa! butterfly, dragonfly, whatever. now you stand out a little.

Step 6: Untie

When it is time to take yer kicks off, just pull on one or both of the ends of the laces until it is undone. That is it. Now yer dogs can breathe.