Introduction: Bag for the Beach

About: I love gardening and practice it but in the winter time I do some handcrafts for my family, friends and myself

I made some shopping bags for my friends of old blue jeans and dresses and some lefts

Step 1: Bag for the Beach

I made this bag for my niece who adores piglets, using the fabric leftovers and old old clothes I do not wear anymore and keep them in special cupboard, which is pretty full.

For this bag I used:

Fabrics: green for outside of the bag

white canvas for the inside

checked with pink basis for the piglet's head

pink for the nose

Accessories: zipper for the inside pocket to keep safe values like the keys and wallet

2 buttons for the eyes

2 buttons for the nose

old belt for the handle

In addition, I used: sewing machine




sheet of newspapers to make the pattern for the piglet's head

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