Introduction: Silken Strands Bracelet

- Seven 8” strands of hand painted silk (we used the green assortment)
- 1 antique brass 7-strand clasp
- 14 brass tube crimps, #4 
- 49 assorted antique brass charms drops and beads, such as snowflake spacer beads & tiny metal bobbin beads
- Fray Check

- Chain nose pliers
- Scissors

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Step 1: Crimp the Silk Onto One Side of the Clasp

Place a small dot of Fray Check on the end of one strand of silk. Twist the silk until the Fray Check dries. The end of the silk will be stiff and pointed.  Thread the pointed end of  the silk through a crimp tube and then through one of the loops on the 7-strand clasp. Thread the pointed end back through the crimp tube and tighten the silk on the loop. With your chain nose pliers flatten the crimp and trim the silk. Repeat until all seven strands of silk are attached to one side of the 7-strand clasp.

Step 2: Thread Beads and Charms

With your Fray Check create pointed ends on each of the silk strands. Thread the strands with your beads and charms, taking care to assort the order of the charms and beads. Line the silk strands up evenly to check your work.

Step 3: Crimp Silk to the Other Side of the Clasp

Thread the silk strand on one end of the 7-strand clasp through a crimp tube, through the corresponding loop on the clasp and back through the crimp tube. Tighten the silk until the length of the bracelet is your desired length. With your chain nose pliers flatten the crimp and trim the end of the silk. Repeat until all strands are attached.