Introduction: Silver Necklace

List of items you will need.
(note: My necklace is made all from silver, you can also use nickle)

1. Five 26 ga. 1 1/2" x 2 1/4" silver rectangles for the five base plates
2. Five Cabochon stones 19mm x 12mm, your choice of stone type. I used Blood Stone and Blue Agate.
3. 6 feet of 20 ga. silver wire.
4. 2 feet of 3/16" bezel wire.
5. Four silver beads, your choice.
6. Two 18" string necklaces.
7. Two Pendant Bails.
8. Medium  Silver Solder.
9. Easy Silver Solder.
10. Flux
11. ten silver 1/4" diameter stamped washers

Basic Tools
Jewlers saw
Bench Pinand Anvil
Third Hand base with Tweezers
Flex Shaft for polishing and removal of excess solder
Micro Butane Torch
Solderite Board or non flamable work surface
Bezel Roller

Step 1: Steps #1 and #2

Step #1

1. Layout your Cabochon stone to wrap with your bezel wire.
2. Wrap stones with bezel wire and mark the bezel wire and trim to fit.
3. Using the third hand or solderite board place flux and medium solder on bezel wire joint. Then using torch heat solder until it flows over joint.
4. Do this for the 5 stone and then set bezel wires aside until later.

Step #2

1. Take the silver washer and using the jewelers saw cut off just a little under half of the washer off, then file the cut edges. These will be soldered to the base plate and used to connect the base plates together.
2. Take the silver base plates and sketch a randum shape on each one as your guide to follow when cutting out the shapes. My shapes were just randum oval shapes.
3. Once your shapes are cut out file the edges to get ride of any burrs and rough edges.
4. Using the Medium Solder, solder the washers to the base plate at opposite end across from each other.
5. Place the bezel wire in the center of the base plate and draw around the bezel wire, with a pencil, to show you where the cabochon will site.
6. Take a texture hammer or Ball peen hammer and texture the base plate all around the pencil marks. It is easier to solder to a flat piece of material them textured.
7. Then using easy solder solder on the bezel.
8. At this point I like to do a preliminary polishing
9. Insert your cabochon stone and use Bezel Roller to roll down the bezel sides.
10. Clean off the excess solder and repeat this for all five plates.

Step 2: Step #3

Step #3

1. Cut a 4" piece of silver wire to create the chain of the necklace.
2. Wrap the washer at leat three time with the silver wire leaving 1" of wire to wrap over the remaining wire at least four time and snip off extra. Take a file and fle any shapeness off snipped wire.
3. Add silver bead.
4. Repeat the wire wrapping process on the adjacent base to create one link of the chain.  
5. Do the wire wrapping process a total of four time creating the chain of wire and base plates
6. At the two ends of the chain is where you will add the 18" string necklaces.
7. Place the Pendent Bail on one end of the string necklace.
8. Take about 3" of silver wire and wrap the wire around the string necklace at the Pendent Bail to make a tight connection at the Pendant Bail. Wrap the wire until it covers about 1/2" of the string necklace.Then trim off excess wire. Do this for both string necklaces.
9. Attach Pendent Bails to silver washers at each end of the chain.

The necklace is complete.

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