Introduction: Simple Bunny Bow

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There are a lot number of Bow tutorials in the Internet but no matter how many different styling ideas and tools we have with me to share with you all, the ability to tie a basic flat bow is definitely a skill that everyone should have in their toolbox.

This tutorial will give you the steps to tying a perfect bow and how to incorporate that knowledge into styling your own packaging no matter what the occasion.

Step 1:

Take a ribbon of 20-30 centimeter length.

At the center of your ribbon form two evenly sizes loops in each hand, creating a bunny ear shape.

Observe the images well.

Step 2:

Now you are having two loops.
The loop on your right hand side be the right loop and the loop on your left hand side be the left loop. according to the above description ,

Take the right loop and cross it over the left loop.

Step 3:

As you can see in the images now you have this.

Take the right loop and fold it behind the left loop and thread it back through the center.

Step 4:

Observe the images carefully in this step because on this step only the making of the bow is depending.

In the previous step as you can see you have threaded the right loop around the left loop, now you need to concentrate on holding the ribbon tightly so that it shouldn't come back to the same position.

Now carefully feed the right loop through the center and pull both the loops into a tight knot. If you don't get this now only don't worry, try a few times it is easy anyway.

Step 5:

As you pulled the both loops into a knot , hold your finger where the knot is and adjust the loops by pulling the strings in the below so that these both should be in the same position.

Cut the string ends into any angle or V-shaped for a better and attractive finishing.

Now you can use it for gift wrapping or for any home decor.

Thank You:)

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