Simple Chain and Beaded Choker




Introduction: Simple Chain and Beaded Choker

Hi everyone! Here I have a simple chocker which just consists of chain and beads.


  • flat nose pliers
  • silver chain
  • black pearl beads
  • mini black beads
  • flat flower bead
  • silver headpins for laying the beads

Step 1: Beading the Silver Head Pins

  • The pattern I used when I was beading the head pins was three mini black beads, then the flower bead, after that I put another mini black bead, then the black pearl, and after that I again I put 1 mini black bead, the flower bead, and then three more mini black beads to finish it off.
  • Then using the pliers I cut the wire smaller so I could close it so the beads would stay in place.

Step 2: Cutting the Chain and Attaching the Beaded Pins

  • For this part I cut multiple chains of 11.
  • Then I attached each end of the beaded pins to each chain and I did this until it was as long as the measure of my neck.

Step 3: Attaching the Clasp

  • For this part I added a single o ring to the clasp and then attached the o ring with the clasp to the last chain of 11 that I had.
  • Then I attached multiple o rings together and attached it to the other end of the necklace so that the clasp would have something to latch on to.

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