Introduction: DIY Cross-Stitched Card

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I suddenly came up with this idea while I was thinking about easy handmade stuffs. After making one card I couldn't stop making more :p
These cross-stitched cards are really easy to make and cute, and I'm sure that the both maker and receiver would love it :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this card you'll need:
  1. Thick paper,
  2. Glue,
  3. Scissor,
  4. Aida fabric,
  5. tapestry needle and thread,
  6. Poster color and paint brush.

Step 2: Simple Cross-Stitch Patterns

You can make your own cross stitch patterns using simple shapes like- heart, flower, butterfly, swirls, rainbow, leaf etc.
I love the heart and swirly cross stitch patterns for this card.
I've attached the templates for the cross stitch patterns I used.

Step 3: Cross-Stitching

You can cut the aida fabric before cross stitching, but I think it's better to do the cross sticth and then cut the fabric according to the size of the card. You can take help from the third step of this ible if you're a beginner in cross-stitching.
  • Anyways, select a simple design, prepare thread and needle,
  • Choose a starting point on the fabric (it's best to start from the center of any design fro cross stitching) and draw the needle from the bottom of the fabric pulling it upwards.
  • Keep an inch extra on the wrong side of the aida fabric and hold the extra thread with one hand (or finger) while doing the first cross stitch. You can let go the extra thread after the first cross stitch is done.
  • Now, you can either count the holes or the fabric threads for cross stitching, I usually count the fabric threads. But to make it easier to understand I've tried to explain both ways. Notice the fabric threads and count them as you cross stitch. I did 2X2 fabric counts for each pattern.
I didn't take the step-by-step pictures for other patterns. No matter what pattern you use keep it simple, they look cute.

Step 4: Creating Fringes on Sides

  • After you're done with the cross stitch cut the fabric according to the size of the card,
  • Carefully pull out 2-3 aida fabric threads from all sides to create the fringes.

Step 5: Glue the Pattern

Prepare the thick paper for making the card. You can color the thick paper as you want, but make sure the color combination of the card and cross-stitch design looks good.
  • Apply glue at the back of the cross stitched fabric,
  • Carefully place the glued side on the front of the card and press the corners of the fabric to make sure it's glued evenly on all sides,
  • Allow the glue to dry.

Step 6: Attach Ribbon

To make the card look a little fancier I attached a thread and made a tiny bow with it.
  • Punch 4 holes (2 on each sides) on the open end of the card,
  • Draw a ribbon or thread through the holes and tie a small bow.

There! I hope you like it :)