Introduction: Simple Electroscope

I decided to finish my idea of simple electroscope. It is simple scientific toy for detecting the presence of electric charge on body.

Step 1: Parts

For building electroscope you will need:

  • copper wire
  • aluminium foil
  • top of plastic bottle
  • hot glue

For testing eletric charge:

  • plastic ruler, fur, glass or anything to make charges

Step 2: Construction

Classical electroscopes use 2 aluminum leaves which are connected. It doesn't work good, for me. I better use 2 separated leaves of foil which can move freely, independently.

Step 3: Testing

I just take ruler and try to make some chargers.

1. if you move charged ruler close enough to wire, foils will repeals, because they have same charges.

2. if you connect ruler with wire on top of electroscope, wire can be charged with some charges. After move away ruler from electroscope, electroscope stay charged.You can use hand to ground wire, so charges will move to you, and wire inside electroscope will be neutralized (same amount of positive and negative chargers).

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