Introduction: DIY Simple Leather Purse

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This is my first attempt in making a leather purse, well I think the one I used is rather a faux leather. I made this purse with scrap faux leather I had in stock for a long time but didn't know what to make with it. With little golden design and a pearl bead for the closure, the purse looks quite nice.

Check out this ible to find out how I made this purse ^_^

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this purse you'll need:

  1. Leather (or faux leather, Rexine),
  2. Scissor and x-acto knife,
  3. Needle and waxed thread,
  4. Ruler or measuring scale,
  5. Awl- to punch holes on the leather,
  6. Large pearl bead or any kind of large bead - 1.5cm - 2 cm.

Step 2: Cutting

You have to cut out 2 pieces out of the leather,

A large piece for the main pattern of the purse, which includes the front, back and the flap of the purse,

A smaller piece, to add an extra layer on the inside of the purse.

I used 8 X 11 inches for the main part and 4 X 8 inches for the smaller part (extra layer).

You have to fold the main part to create the front, back and the flap of the purse,

Front- 3 inches, Back- 4 inches, Flap- 3 inches (I had to cut an inch of the flap to create an arch shape.

Step 3: Arranging and Sewing

Place the large piece on a flat surface,

Take the small piece and place it under the large piece as shown in the picture. The small piece is 4 inches and the front of the purse would be 3 inches, so there will be an inch gap between these two layers.

Now, sew along the center line and the bottom of the small piece to attach it with the large piece.

Fold the front side of the purse up (see the 3rd picture of this step),

Now measure what shape you want for the flap, or you can cut the flap into an arch shape like I did.

Step 4: Stitching the Sides

Use the awl to punch holes on both sides of the purse. It's better to use a ruler to measure the holes while punching. I didn't use a ruler so the holes I punched didn't turn out good.

Use waxed or thick thread and a big needle to stitch the sides, I did flat blanket stitches.

I also stitched the side of the flap.

Step 5: Closure

Cut out a long strip of leather, it should be long enough to wrap the purse once. I had to cut out 10 inches long strip.

Take a 3-4 pieces of thick thread and attach them with the leather strip using a tapestry needle.

Thread a large pearl bead into the threads and tie a knot at the end of the bead so that it doesn't come out.You can cut the extra threads if you ant to but I liked the tassel so I kept them :)

Stitch the leather strip with the flap,

Wrap the purse with the leather strip and insert the bead through the part of the strip below the flap.

Step 6: Designing

The purse was complete but it looked so simple, so I thought of adding a little gold paint.

Use fabric paint and a small paint brush to create patterns o the flap of the purse,

allow the paint to dry.


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