Introduction: Simple No-sew Multi-Purpose Wrap

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I saw this wrap for sale online for $42.50 and I knew it would be simple to make. am you need are 2 yards of a stretchy material like jersey knit and a pair of scissors. A measuring tape is also helpful but not necessary.

Step 1: How Simple Is This?

You will need:
About two yards of stretchy fabric like a jersey knit.  This fabric will probably come in widths of 54: or 62 inches, either is fine
Something to measure with is also helpful.

Step 2: Lay Out Fabric for Cutting

Carefully fold fabric in half and then in half again. Make sure there are no creases in the fabric or it will mess up the next step.

Step 3: Measure and Cut

Measure about one third of the way in on the side of the folded fabric where all the folds are together.  This will be the placement of the slits for the arm holes.  At this point, cut a slit about 6 inches long through all the layers of fabric.   When you unfold it, it should look like the last two pictures in this step.

Step 4: Wear Your Cardigan!

That's it! Wear your new cardigan with pride! There's a ton of ways to wear it and it's so easy and cheap you can make them in a rainbow of colors!
If you want to wear it in even more ways and you are feeling ambitious, you can sew snaps to the corners, but you can wear it in tons of ways without doing that.

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